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An extension and an application

pgSQLPlus is a solution for developers who want to create or maintain more easily their databases PostgreSQL. You can found here :

An extension : compatible with PostgreSQL version 10+, it abstracts the SQL or PL / SQL language necessary for creation and management Postgres databases. She developed the concepts of rights on data lines, deletion, masking, historization and of variable content and fixed content columns.

An application : an intuitive and customizable online tool to help you create your databases in accordance with the latest versions of Postgres and its extensions. The development of your projects is simplified and the real-time co-creation system allows you to work effectively together.

State of development

  • Project management, support for schemas, tables, columns, constraints, indexes...

  • Basic support of PostgreSQL extensions and the pgSQLPlus extension.

  • User account with the possibility of backing up and sharing databases with the community

  • Remote import and export of existing PostgreSQL databases in the application

  • Support for collaborative development and support for database versioning

  • Support for various PostgreSQL extensions (pgcrypto...)

  • Account with server side save capacity, rental of databases and remote management

  • Better support: functions, wrappers, views...

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